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Radio TodayRadio today published our news on their news. This is interview based news. They took our CEO (Munshi Jahangir Zinnat), General Manager (Ashraful Alam), Director of Training (Philip Mollik) interview and published their interview on their news. They also mentioned about our service and Unique Soft BD’s success stories.

Radio Today is 1st Bangladeshi private radio station. Radio today is most popular FM radio in Bangladesh. Radio today published our news on 27th August 2013 at 4:45 PM’s news; exact time was 4:53 PM. They published our CEO, General Manager, and Director of Training’s interview, also published about the succession of Unique Soft BD. Interview taken by Majedul Haque Manik; correspondent of Radio Today 89.6 FM. News duration was 2 minutes and 3 seconds.

Radio today mentioned that freelancing becomes very popular in Meherpur. Many unemployed people become employed with freelancing in Meherpur, they are earning much and they are also supporting their families. Our CEO first learnt about freelancing and started working as a professional. After getting potential from freelancing he started an organization named Unique Soft BD. From Unique Soft BD, our CEO is providing free freelancing to his local area people. That’s why many unemployed people became employed. The interview parts bellows:

Manik (Correspondent of Radio Today): Why you chosen freelancing rather than other jobs?

Munshi Jahangir Zinnat (Unique Soft BD’s CEO): I was working on a telecommunication company, at the same I learnt about freelancing from different blogs, started working on freelancing. After getting potential on freelancing I switched my career from telecommunication job to freelancing. There is opportunity to earn more than normal jobs as well as there is opportunity to work independently. That’s why I came back to my own village and continued with freelancing and started working from home.

Manik: Why you started providing free training?

Munshi: Though in freelancing not needed education qualification and experiences or other qualifications; if I (CEO) provide them a little training and show them how to work on freelancing market place, they can be able to work on the freelancing marketing place. On this way 33 people already got their jobs on freelance market place.

Manik asked to Ashraful Alam (Unique Soft BD’s General Manager): What potential you got on freelancing?

Ashraful: I am working from last year; I am earning much per month from freelancing market place.

Manik asked to Philip Mollik (Unique Soft BD’s Director of Training): Why you chosen freelance?

Philip: I just started freelancing on search engine optimization (SEO), I already earned much, though I am on freelancing as a part timer, I am service holder on another private organization.

Radio Today also mentioned that if Unique Soft BD got donation from Bangladesh government, they will be able to support more people. To enjoy Radio Today’s news click here.

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