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November 2014

Unique Soft BD Provided Van to Rafique

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As you know, we always work for disadvantaged and poor people. On those steps, Unique Soft BD provided van to Rafique, a poor day labor. After getting that van, he became financial stronger. Last month he bought a new van.


Rafiqul Islam (Rafique) is a poor day labor. He lives in Chandbill (our village). He has 2 daughters and 1 son. His approximate age is 54 years. As he was a day labor, was working on Brac, he was facing countless financial problem and can’t really able to move with his family.

We reviewed his problems, before becoming day labor; he had a van, unfortunately for his wife’s illness, he had to sell that van to bear her medical costs. From then he lost all his savings. After reviewing all those, we decided to provide him a new van to recover his position.

In April 2013, we provided him a new van, without any condition. One hidden condition was there when he will be able to buy a new van he has to give us back that van. We bought that van in Taka 12,900, in Dollar $168. Last month he bought a new van and gave us back that van.


Md. Rashidul Islam is another poor man. We already provided that van to Rashid to change his livings. Best wishes for Rafique and Rashid. This process will be continued, though our van’s value is decreasing continuously, but the aid was of million dollars! Unique Soft BD will bear those costs with a big smile. It’s our pleasure to be with them, always!