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October 2013

Unique Soft BD Donated to Tornado Affected Families and Mosque

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Recently Chandbill (our village) was affected by tornado, 25-50 people injured, 250-300 houses damaged. Unique Soft BD collected funds from different place and donated them 33,325 Taka, in Dollar $433 and provided that money to affected families and affected Mosque.

On October 14, 2013, at 12:23 AM (approximately) our village Chandbill was affected by tornado. More than 100 trees and several electric poles were uprooted. 25-50 people injured, some were seriously injured, and nine of them were admitted to Meherpur General Hospital. At least 250-300 houses were damaged. Meherpur District Deputy Commissioner marked 323 affected families. More than hundreds of people were forced to take shelter under open sky after the tornado hit. Newly created “Baitun Noor Jam e Mosque” was also seriously damaged. All news media covered that news to their hot news section, read details news: The Daily Star, New Age, and Prime News.

Unique Soft BD was officially closed for three days. All members were busy with collecting moneys from different people and different place. After three days of collection, total collection was 33,325 Taka in Dollar $433. We would like to handover all those money to our local leader to distribute those. That money was distributed to affected families and Mosque. Our donation news also covered by our Local daily newspaper named “Matha Bhanga”, Read details news.