Hot News 24 Published Unique Soft BD’s News

By 23 November, 2015Blog, News

Hot News 24 published our news. They actually involved our Chairman’s news as example of successful freelancer. That news was something like freelancing tips. They involved our Chairman’s success story and about our free freelancing training service. They provided example that freelancing can be a great career for Bangladesh, because there are unemployment problem in Bangladesh. So freelancing can be great opportunity to solve that problem.

Hot News 24 is a popular online based daily news media. On April 17, 2014 they published our Chairman’s news and Unique Soft BD’s news.

On that news, they actually created a tips based news that how to become a freelancer. They gave example of success story of our Chairman. They mentioned that our Chairman got success on freelancing, earning much from different freelance market place as well as discussed that our Chairman also providing free freelancing training to his local area’s unemployed people.

They mentioned that our Chairman completed BBA and MBA from Northern University Bangladesh, after completing his master’s degree he started freelancing, from getting success on freelancing he came back to his local area (Chandbill, Amjhupi). Then he started working on freelancing market place from his home as well as started to providing free freelancing training to his local area unemployed people to change their lives. Then they got office named Unique Soft BD, started to provide professional free freelancing training. They also mentioned that on the activities of Unique Soft BD, the local area people of Unique Soft BD are very happy.

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