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Independent TelevisionWe are really grateful to Independent Television & Rajibul Haque, correspondent of Independent Television. From the first they are helping us to grow by publishing our news every year on their television. We are happy not only that they are publishing our news, that’s our motivation too. We are growing every year & they are witness.

August 12, 2014, Rajibul Haque came to our office to take video. We are really happy to know that he will make Documentary based news of our Executive Director, Munshi Jahangir Zinnat. That was a great experience for us, because this time we arranged all to our main office. We were busy to arrange all, light, camera, microphone etc. almost 3 hours required to complete all these. Rajibul Haque, correspondent very friendly as always. He also help us arrange all those.

September 6, 2014, Independent Television on their program “Ashar Bangladesh” published that documentary based news. Ashar Bangladesh started on 10PM at night, this program for 1 hour. Our news published on 10:48 PM exactly. Duration was 2:34 minutes & fully focused on our Executive Director.

Video description exactly was: Munshi Jahangir Zinnat (Hirok), earning good amount from freelancing, this is not news, he is also help people to learn freelancing, almost 1,500 people already got training from him, almost 600 people already working on different marketplaces, if someone poor, disable to purchase a computer or internet or modem, Munshi Jahangir Zinnat (Hirok) always help to purchase those with hand cash. When Hirok was studying BBA on Northern University Bangladesh, he learnt freelancing from his friend, after getting success from freelancing marketplace he started professionally freelancing rather than choosing traditional jobs. He was earning more than one lac, but Hirok is very much helpful, only he will be rich this is not Hirok, so he suggesting other people to choose this profession and giving them free freelancing training. Hirok started this type of social work from 2009. He started Unique Soft BD from 2009, where he is giving free practical training. He stated from his home, when increased trainees, he rented an office, he also bearing rent cost himself. To learn from Hirok, at least 600 people working on different marketplaces, they were unemployed before, they were searching jobs here and there. After learning from Hirok Sir, I am earning 10,000-15,000 BDT per month, added Imran Hossain, who is working on UpWork as a Web Developer. Imran also added from earning from UpWork I am helping my family some, and bearing my study costs and pocket money, I am now self-employed. Hirok’s this news spread on nearest district too, nearest district Chuadanga, Kushtia, Jhinedah’s people also coming here to learn from Hirok. Mojnu from Dorshona also added that I am learning Graphic design from Hirok, Hirok never feel bore when I ask same question several times. Hirok is very caring to us. Shamima added I am learning freelancing from Hirok Sir, he is very helpful, learnt many from here, I am hoping I will be successful from here. Hirok’s dream people will learn from him & they will teach many people. After a certain period Hirok’s knowledge will spread all over the World.

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