Meherpur News 24 Published Our News

By 23 November, 2015Blog, News

On 14 January, 2014, Meherpur News 24 Online Newspaper published our news. They specially focused on freelancing, freelancing can be a career, because Bangladesh is a third world country we have unemployment problem, so that it would be an alternative career. And another focusing topic was that we are providing free freelancing training to change their lives.

On that report Meherpur News 24 Online Newspaper mainly focused on freelance can be great career opportunity. Not needed any investment, just need skill. They mentioned our Chairman got success on freelance. They also mentioned that we are providing free freelancing training; they appreciate it, because this is a great social welfare work and it’s completely free. They also mentioned that we built up Unique Soft BD, and also mentioned that our General Manager (Ashraful Alam) also a successful freelancer, he is earning much from different freelancing site per month. He also is bearing his family from this career.

They also mentioned about Sohel Rana, another member of Unique Soft BD. He is bearing his living costs, study costs as well as supporting his family from freelance earnings. They also mentioned that people are very happy with our activities from our local area. They blessed for Unique Soft BD, and for our Chairman.

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