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mistibari-sm20150207122140S M Al-Meraz is the student of Meherpur Government College. He is the son of a trading family who created commentaries in the virtual world by selling sweets amid Facebook. Not only in the capital rather has he wanted to spray the traditional sweets among all in the country through online. Ariful Islam Arman from Jago News 24 telling us the story of young Meraz.

Beginning Story
Meraz became interested in such business in 2013 seeing the selling of mangoes of Rajshahi through Facebook. He said that he had seen in a Facebook page, mangoes of Rajshahi are supplying in different parts of Bangladesh. Then he thought some days, if that brother could introduce his Rajshahi amongst the people by selling their own commodities so why it could not be possible on my part to uphold my district among the people by supplying sweet Sabitry and Roshokodombbo which have the glory of 150 years.

Later, in July, 2014 Meraz created a Facebook fan page titled Sweets of Meherpur (Meherpurer Misti) where he uploaded the history and picture of traditional sweets of 150 years back named Sabitry and Roshokodombbo that manufactured by late Bashukuri. He also added the costs of the sweets and some instructions.

Once upon a time he started receiving orders of sweets from different villages of Meherpur through Facebook and cell phone and thus started stepping of entrepreneur Meraz.

Meraz was going ahead properly with the assistance of the friends. All on a sudden his initiative was closed for some days as one of his friend decamped with a handsome amount of orders money.

He did not halt though he had experienced losses economically. He re-launched his work with the inspiration of freelancer Munshi Jahangir Zinnat (Hirok), Founder and Chief Executive of Unique Soft BD of his own district.

Changed the name “Sweet of Meherpur”. The new name is “Misti Bari” (mistibari). This initiative was assisted by Munia Rahman, Yazdani Ullash, Ripon Hasan, Tanvir, Shuvo, Sayeed, Rashik and some freelancers of the district. He got inspiration and advices from Facebook based group “don’t be searched job, be offered job and become assiduous”. From then he did not look back. Forgetting the past he started his work in full swing with mistibari (Misti Bari).

As running
Meraz desired to do business with the sweets of Meherpur district only. Observing the interest of the people in sweets, he brought famous sweets of different districts of Bangladesh in his Misti Bari.

Presently available sweets in his Misti Bari are the famous Rosho Malay of Monohorpur Matry Bhandar, Comilla, Bogra’s famous curd, Munda of Muktagacha, Mymensingh, renowned Sabitry and Roshokodombbo of 150 years of Meherpur district, Roshogolla (Sadek golla) of Jamtola, Jessore, famous Pora Sandesh of Satkhira, renowned Porabarir Chamcham of Tangail, traditional Kancha Golla of Natore, famous Chanamukhi of Bbaria, as many as 24 kinds of renowned sweets of Razkumar, Bagat, Faridpur and others sweets of different regions. Besides, there are available in his Misti Bari, special Talshash, Katarivog, Sabanivog. Elshipetty, Kodmi, Chomchom and Kalojam.

But Meraz is trying to add in his Misti Bari the famous, glorious and renowned sweets of 64 districts. From f-commerce to e-commerce. He built

The intending buyers will get their dear sweets timely and properly at their homes if they pass orders according to rules in the website or Facebook page of Misti bari. Cost will be paid after receiving the sweets following the “Cash on Delivery” system. For which Misti Bari rendering services in 17 districts duly associated with more than 40 establishments in the country. Representatives of Misti Bari are working there.

Campaigning media Facebook
As it is online business that is why Meraz has chosen Facebook as advertising media.

Future Planning
At present the service of Misti Bari is centralized in Dhaka. Meraz expects to start offline work in Dhaka too. Abreast he desires to spread his business in whole country. He also desires to add the new unemployed youths with Misti Bari.

For the newer
Meraz thinks, patience is obligate in any trades. Be it online or offline. Many men think that online business is easiest ones. But online and offline business are same. Only marketing is to some extent easy in the case of online trading. All on a sudden trading should not be started without research. Business does not establish overnight or in a day, it requires much patience.

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