Unique Soft BD Providing Financial Support to Tushar

By 19 March, 2014Achievements, Blog

TusarUnique Soft BD also involves their services to different social welfare projects also. We support different jobless people to make them self-sufficient, in this way we provided financial support to Tushar. We provided financial support to start telecom business, he started business named “Tushar Telecom”, he is selling SIMs, handsets, handset covers, balance refills, cash transfers etc. we provided him almost 340,000 Taka, in Dollar $4,500. He is earning 40,000-50,000 Taka per month; he already started to refund our money.

Tushar is son of Habibur Rahman (businessman, a small business owner) and Kulshon Banu (housewife). He lives in Chandbill, our village. Tushar stopped his study in class 9, for financial problem. He was working as a day labor/assistant of a fisherman. We pulled him from there and convinced him to start his own business, so that he can get finest opportunity to build up his career as well as can support his family. Essentially we liked his honesty, dedication and reliability.

After getting funds from us, he rented a shop in Kolar Mor, Chandbill, Amjhupi. He started his business with balance refills, after getting profit now he is selling SIMs, handsets, handset covers, cash transfer etc.

Now he is earning 40,000-50,000 taka per month, in dollar $560-$660. We provided that money without any condition, but there was a hidden condition that is if he gains profit he has to refund that money to Unique Soft BD. On this condition he started to refund those funds, we are filling our funds to donate another people. We think we can change many fates, the fact is that funds become the problem of all time for us bit we are determined we can support many! Best wishes for Tushar and Tushar Telecom.

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