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Few months ago, our Chairman was taking class on business Thought development, topic was how to setup own aim/career. There were many guest trainees, along with permanent trainees and other members of Unique Soft BD. Delowar Hussein was also there, he enjoyed this class and get motivated from the class he decided to start his study again, as he left study in class five, if he gets support (study and financial). On that time our Chairman announced that Unique Soft BD will provide him with all types of support. Now his is continuing his study, and he will get admit in class 5 on January.

About Delowar Hussein

A 17 years old boy named Md. Delowar Hussein, lives in a village named Chandbill. His father Md. Israil Hussein is a poor farmer and his mother named Marzia, (housewife). Delowar feels the heat of poverty in his beginning days. That’s why he had to stop his education life in class 5. To meet up his daily necessity he had to join many occupations in his early age. He worked as a bicycle mechanic for 1 year in Mina Cycle Store, as a nut seller for 4 years, as a day labor for 1 year etc. Now a day he is working as a building construction labor when our Chairman asked him on that class why he stopped his study, he cried out and told his sad experience about his straggling life. Their financial condition was too bad. His father could not able to pay his study costs.


His family environment also was not much supportive for his study. But he is very much eager to study again. Now Unique Soft BD providing all the support, study cost etc. He is attending classes on the evening after completing his building construction works. He already completed class 1, 2, 3 national curriculum books, now studying class 4’s books, and then will admit on class 5. On January he will get himself admitted on school in class 5.

After completing his study (at least Higher Secondary Certificate), he wants to be a freelancer or will start own business. He doesn’t want to be a service holder; he likes to work independently, so he prefers freelancing most.


Delowar’s thinking about Unique Soft BD

Delowar wises that if this organization can help many people like him that will be great. He also thinks there must be an organization like Unique Soft BD in every village. So that others can get free training and supports to overcome their poverty. He appreciated the organization for bringing new light and dew of new hope.

Other Study Supports

Unique Soft BD is also providing study support to Sohel and Taifur. Unique Soft BD is providing them motivational supports and study supports. Those are working as a freelancer on the market places. Hope they can educate others as well.

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