Unique Soft BD’s Meetup & Picnic, Internal Urgent Meeting, June 2015

By 2 September, 2016Achievements, Blog, Events, News

On June 2015, Unique Soft BD arranged Meetup, Picnic and Urgent Internal Meeting with the members of Unique Soft BD. On this meeting our Chairman announced that he is thinking to move all these activities on Unique Soft BD to make more professional and result focused. Unique Soft BD already became big and have good number of members there. So our different activities (departments) should be divided on different organizations. Most importantly only Unique Soft BD will remain Non Profitable, others all will be profitable. He also added that we already worked on different areas on social welfare and reduce unemployment, but those are not enough, and unfortunately countable, but now we are becoming big, we have to work for group of people, hundreds and thousands people will be recovered not only single one. Now we need more money to recover them, to make people employed etc. that’s why he is thinking to make more money and help much people.

Other members also shared their thoughts, suggestions about how we can do all these, how we can manage all these, who will be responsible etc.

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