Success Story of Mahfuz Mohammad Yazdani Ullas From Unique Soft BD

Recently Aminur Rahman published a book, named “Outsourcing, how to become successful”. On this book Mahfuz Mohammad Yazdani Ullas shared his experiences, this one just translate copy of that article.

Screenshot_12This is very hard to explain my success story & what Munshi Jahangir Zinnat (Chairman, Unique Soft BD) & Unique Soft BD did for me. This is completely different rather than other’s experience. My childhood was simple as others. But on younger life, that was very dreamy. I was investor on share market. I earned enough from there. When share market dropped, I became miserable. Have very little money, took loans from friends & started furniture business, name Ullas Furniture. The furniture business condition was not too good, life is going on. But there were far difference between share market investment time & furniture business life. Where I left American Ice cream for fun, I wasted $1000-$2000 without any reason, but then I had to think many times to purchase a chocolate only $0.20 for my baby. That was very hard to explain which I spent, very hard to think now. I am very much thankful to get some of my good friends, Mahbub one of them. On that time Mahbub, Sumon (another friend) was chatting on my furniture showroom. Suddenly, this topic came, Mahbub told what you are doing, and you can’t manage now, how you will manage all these, your family, when your little baby will grow up. Today you could not able to fill-up chocolate’s demand, how you will fill-up your baby’s others demand, when she will be younger. You were telling us that you will start learning freelancing, but never seen that you started learning freelancing, when you will start? You never proven yourself, try to prove yourself, do something. I thought those very deeply on that day, decided I will start learning freelancing, I talked with my wife, she was also agreed. Decided I have to learn web development, but unfortunately I did not have enough money to admit on a training institute. I am too much thankful to Mahbub, Sumon & Tanim (another friend). Decided that day, I will prove myself.

Screenshot_13I love IT & Computer from the first. But I never thought these will change my life. In my Facebook friend list Aminur Rahman Sir was, I knew Aminur Rahman sir will start outsourcing class from his Facebook status. I wanted to take a chance with it, I admitted on Aminur Rahman sir’s course. I could not understand his first class, also same on next class. I was worried. I was determined I will try this till end. Started practicing more, 16 to 18 hours I studies, practiced and watched video tutorials. When I was facing problem, I shared with Aminur Rahman sir, he was telling search on Google. First time I felt bore, then I understood that everything on Google. Almost at the end on Aminur Rahman sir’s three months’ course, when I started course I thought I know many thing for computer, now I realized I have to learn many thing.

I understood I have to learn more, then Sumon told me one of his friend Munshi Jahangir Zinnat doing freelancing and he offers courses free of cost. I contacted with Munshi. He welcomed me. I went to Meherpur’s Amjhupi to see Munshi’s institute Unique Soft BD. When I reached Amjhupi, Unique Soft BD arranged freelancers’ cricket match, I almost thundered to see the number of freelancers. I was introduced with all, talked with them and realized I am just a baby among them. Realized I have to learn freelancing with them, I also shared these with Munshi. Munshi allowed me very nicely. I told to Munshi I have some duties in Dhaka, I will be back here one month later. I shared these with Aminur Rahman, he told me you can go there to learn more. I convinced my family they also agreed, after 9 days I came back to Amjhupi after getting permission from Munshi. Munshi arranged my accommodation on his own home and free of cost foods. I learnt many thing from Munshi, I feel most important is his working experiences. Munshi always share his working experiences, these are very helpful for newbie like me. What I learnt from Aminur Rahman that’s work nicely now. Now I know how to learn more Google, Munshi helped me much to understand all these and increased my maturity. I was there with Munshi for 9 months.

I am really happy now with earning and family, earning much now. I am thinking to establish an IT firm soon. Thank you Munshi and Aminur Rahman sir and Unique Soft BD.

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